The new Valicor® brings together two great names in fluid purification and resource management technologies and services - Solution Recovery Services and United Waste Water.  As such, Valicor is an industrial and fluid services organization uniquely positioned to focus on our core mission of delivering sustainability solutions to our customers.  To Valicor®, sustainability starts upstream through purification and recycling of our customer’s fluids for increased longevity and reuse and ends with an environmentally sound approach to managing oil, liquid and solid waste materials when depleted.  Take a look!  We have big plans for the future!

Valicor® Separation Technologies LLC, formerly Solution Recovery Services LLC, is an industry leading provider of separation technology based fluid purification and custom separation technologies and management services.  Key offerings include:

  • Client site and centralized oil purification and reclamation services
  • Water based coolant and cleaner purification and separation services
  • Waste treatment process enhancement equipment and services
  • Centrifugal separation equipment and services
  • Industrial used oil collection and purchase programs
  • Client site Fluid Management services
  • Corn Oil Separation Systems (COSS)

Valicor® Renewables LLC, formerly SRS Energy LLC, has developed transformative new techniques for the extraction and fractionation of microalgae, delivering the highest recovery of lipids for downstream processing to biofuels, chemicals, specialties, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and more.  Key offerings include:

  • Turn-key processing facilities
  • Algae extraction testing and services
  • Algae toll processing programs
  • Skid mounted oil extraction modules
  • Harvesting centrifuges

Valicor® Environmental Services LLC, formerly United Waste Water Services LLC, is an Industry leading provider of sustainability programs and services that manage tomorrow’s resources today. Key offerings include:

  • Non-regulated wastewater transportation and treatment
  • Recycled Petroleum Products (RPP) processing
  • Industrial and retail used oil collection
  • Non-regulated and regulated container management
  • Universal waste and material recycling
  • Consumer material destruction and waste-to-energy processing